nononnon (nononnon) wrote,

montreal: subtitle/bleubird (sic) with lapsed & nonnon!!

We're all on the verge of krumping here!

And yay for my first YouTube submission!
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fun stuff! did you see my first youtube vid in my lj?
Uh uh. Is it y'all? I'll go search now.
no, definitely not us. search for fischerspooner.
here are two vids - the first one isn't mine but i am linking it so you see what the heck they are doing
Oh yes. I saw this the other day, the one where you say "what the fuck", or is it, "Too phat!!", or the other F word haha.


September 13 2006, 15:29:40 UTC 10 years ago

that is SWEET! Wish we could have been there to see it live. especially the krumping.
'twas me.
You can see all the's near krump. The high we had during those tracks gave me a sugar crash and I wanted to fall asleep during the middle of the set.

where the hell did you disappear to last night?! weak dude, weak!
Dude, check your email and you'll see I'm not weak!

(I went home to pass out on cold medicines.)
ok, ok. i'll check it when i get home.

there i was all ready to finally get some cuddle time in and i turn around and you were gone. you had better not be cheating on me.
btw, i checked my email and didn't see anything from you. but that's cool. i believe you.
Weird, let me send it again?
Sent to the one you've emailed me with before...
Fuckin Sweet!
The vid is so dark though.. maybe it's my screen.
No, it's hella dark. I need to lighten it up a bit in some editing program.
Ahh. All I was able to really see was dancy figures & some lights.
Sounds awesome though =)
Lots of movement, my black thumbnail, bouncing hahaha
That is so fucking awesome. Nothing else can really be said.
I'm pretty humbled, fo' sho'
Man... that's great! I meant to comment on an earlier post (where you reveled in the glory of it all). I'll sum it up, simply, by saying "I am so happy for you guys". It's inspiring. Bad ass, indeed.
I wish my battery wasn't so low on the trip (I misplaced my charger for a week) or I would have had lots more. Ah well.

Thank you!
Bad ass!